Hunter 260 Owner Modifications and Upgrades

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Hunter 260 Modifications and Upgrades

TitleAuthorSample Image
260 EZ-Steer and Stereo Install Darren Mayes
260 Table Support Measurements Jimmy Harrell
260 Table the way it should be... Calvin Smith
260 Water Ballast Tank Bernie LaScala
260 Weight annon
260 with A/C John Baumgartner
Adding a Window with pictures this time Jim Seamans
Additional Cooler Space George Kobernus
Additional specs annon
Another 260 table modification Darwin Smith
Articulating bow sprit Jeff Peltier
Articulating Bow Sprit for Spinnaker Jeff Peltier
Autopilot Bob Fliegel
Battery Relocation Bob Fliegel
Baums Rush 3 improvements John Baumgartner
Baums Rush improvements John Baumgartner
Baums Rush improvements 2 John Baumgartner
Baums Rush improvements 4 John Baumgartner
Bimini Poles and Boomkicker James Seamans
Boomkicker James Seamans
Bug Screen George Kobernus
Cabin Stove and Heater Joe C.
Cabin Table Multiple Owners
Centerboard Line Replacement and Leaks Pat Adam
Changing cable to outboard Jim Seamans
Cockpit Table David Hoch
Companionway Canvas Cover James Seamans
Companionway Doors John Baumgartner
Compression Post Removal and Repair Leaks Pat Adam
Cooler replacement Anon
Cruisin Flas hideaways in a 260 pt1 Michael and Kelli Smith
Cruisin Flas hideaways in a 260 pt2 Michael and Kelli Smith
Depth Finder George Kobernus
Dingy Choices George
Dodger canmor
Easy Furler Carrier Joe C.
Galley Storage Dale Brisco
H26/260 Leaks Various Owners
H26/260 Remote Control George Kobernus
H26/260 Table George Kobernus
H260 Autohelm/GPS Installed Bob Fliegel
H260 Bow Roller modification Jim Seamans
H260 Cabin Seat Access Doors Mike Harms
H260 Companionway cover
H260 Electrical Upgrade K Smith
H260 engine controls and instruments Joe C.
H260 Engine-Rudder Connection Goldeneye
H260 Gas Tank Shelf K Smith
H260 GPS Mount K Smith
H260 Mast Raising Tom W
H260 motor mount Joe C.
H260 Motor mounts Jim Seamans
H260 Rudder/Motor Steering Linkage Ross Chamberlain
H260 Service Upgrade Mike Harms
H260 Tiller Downhaul John Revenboer
H260 Upgrades Michael Scott
H260/240 motor bracketts Jim Seamans
Hatch board holder John Denison
Hatch Cover Arno Knapen
Hatchboard Holder (orig idea by John Denison) Sublime
Hold that holding tank Brigg Franklin
Honda Outboard K Smith
Hull Painting Joe Polhamus and Toomas Oja
Hull/Deck Joint Crack Leaks Jim Larson
Inspection Port for Edson Wheel Rick Warner
Installing Pedestal Jim Seamans
Installing Pedestal Jim Seamans
Lazy Jack, el cheapo Tom W
LED Trailer Lights Ruedi Ross
Loading H26/260 on Trailer George Kobernus
Mast-top VHF mount Brigg Franklin
Mermaid M5 AC Unit Installation Clay Thaxton
My 260 Improvements John Baumgartner
My 260 Table Modifications Brian Young
My new 260 improvements
New Location For Batteries of H260 Bob Fliegel
New mast post and improved mast raising system Dale Briscoe
New Traveler Installation for 260/270 Richard Gottlieb
Outboard remote controls Bernie LaScala
PHOTOS Rudder/Motor Connection
Portable GPS George
Prime Time -- Fitting out Bimini, VHF, Depth... Tom W
Pump and Accumlator under sink Jim Seamans
Pump that Holding Tank (part 2) Brigg Franklin
Radio Mount K Smith
Rainproof hatch panels John Denison and Pat Adam
Rigging - Side Stays Michael Smith
Rigging - the ginpole George Kobernus
Rudder Down haul John Scotello
Rudder Downhaul George Kobernus
Rudder mods Jeff Peltier
Rudder mods compressed Jeff Peltier
Rudder Quick Release George Kobernus
Rudder/Motor Steering Linkage Multiple Contributors
Sail Track Stops Jim Seamans
Sidestays Revisited Lon Whaley
Small tack block extension for Asymmetrical Spinnaker Dave Acevedo
Speed Depth Wind Instruments Mike Harms
Storage Ideas George Kobernus
Towing George Kobernus
Turnbuckle Toggle Tether Brigg Franklin
Water Ballast Illustration Ron Mehringer
Water Ballast Tank Pump Out Bob Fliegel
Water Ballast Tank Pumpout Bob Fliegel
Winches vs Spinlocks George Kobernus
Winter Cover Clarence Casper