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By Sandy Grant, (Brisbane Australia)
By Jim Dreiling, (Lake Murray, South Carolina)
By Kelly Smith, (Georgia)
By Erik Doll, (Indianapolis, IN)
By Erik Doll, (Indianapolis, IN)
By Dennis Lindemann, (Tokyo Bay)
By Sandy Grant, (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
By raymond scott, (Lake Hartwell, Georgia)
By R.L.Wyatt, (Tawas)
By amstaudenmaier, (inland Ohio)
By Joseph Bernhard, (Pennsylvania)
By JAMES PORTNOY, (Oxnard Ca.)
By Jason, (Columbia, SC)
By Garrison Smith, (Patoka Lake)
By Garrison Smith, (Patoka Lake)
By Miles, (Chesapeake Bay)
By Jonathan Dyer, (Vallejo, CA)
By Lee Carroll, (Morehead City, NC)
By John, (Panama CIty Beach, FLorida)
By William P. Sieber, (Rocky Fork Lake)
By don kovacs, (Hudfon River, NY)
By Bob Booth, (Oklahoma City,OK)
By John Frederick, (Rocky Fork Lake, Ohio)
By Brad Amundson, (Kabekona Lake Minnesota)
By Donald Kovacs, (Verplank, NY (Hudson River))
By Brian Kile, (Trailered/North east Texas)
By Steven Hildebrand, (Lake Tenkiller Oklahoma)
By jim portnoy, (oxnard cal,)
By Tony, (Florida)
By Eric C Lindstrom, (Ithaca, NY)
By Bart Ford, (Greeenville,SC)
By Tim Osborne, (Southampton UK)
By Mark Cooper, (Lake Ray Roberts, Sanger, Texas)
By Josh McDaniel, (San Diego)
By Steve Murch, ( Wilmington, NC)
By Jefferson Davis, ( Aurora Colorado)
By Mark Kissel, ( North Carolina)
By Mark Kissel, ( Cary, North Carolina)
By Raymond Scott, ( Acworth Ga)
By Dan Ebert, ( Brookville, Indiana)
By Daniel Busche, ( Garden City (Bear Lake), Utah)
By Sean Coerse, ( Norfolk Va)
By Sean Coerse, ( Norfolk Va)
By Sean Coerse, ( Norfolk Va)
By Mark Kissel, ( Cary, NC)
By Patricia McCausland, ( Havre de Grace)
By silas devaney, ( indiana)
By James Benedict, ( Garden City (Bear Lake) Utah)
By bill krause, ( pa)
By Eric C Lindstrom, ( Ithaca, New York)
By Pat Barton, ( Lake Lanier, Georgia)
By Carol Reinking, ( Waco, Tx)
By Bill Krause, ( Pa.)