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Owner reviews of the Hunter 33.5

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By Patrick, (Tampa Bay)
By Andrew, (Belleville, Ontario)
By Dick Litchfield, (Portsmouth, VA)
By Hewi, (Southern Maryland)
By Rod Beukenkamp, (Grand Rivers, KY)
By Ben L, (CT)
By patrick nannery, (Ft.Lauderdale)
By Severs, (IJmuiden The Netherlands)
By Tony, (Toms River NJ)
By Jason Wankerl, (Menominee Michigan)
By Stanton Lewis, (Miles River Yacht Club)
By Michael Desjardins, (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
By Jeff Morrison, (Carlyle, Ill)
By Norm, (Menominee, MI)
By John L Baker, (Houston Texas)
By charles, (Lake Champlain)
By Larry Collins, (Kentucky Lake)
By Richard H. Sweat, (Pickwick State Park)
By carl dipietro, (annapolis)
By Harry Phelps, (Sydney Australia)
By Bill Cammack, (Hammond Marina)
By Bill Cammack, (Hammond Marina)
By Merrill Mant, (lake Champlain NY)
By Brent Headberg, (West Palm Beach, FL)
By Bob Belvin, (Oriental, NC)
By Paul Olson, (Vancouver B.C.)
By jim melton, (st.pete fl.)
By Kris Charmley, (Sidney, British Columbia)
By D. Schade, (Solomons MD)
By Bil Thomas, (Deale, MD)
By John VanWyck, (Muskegon, Michigan)
By Dave Auld, (Florida Keys)
By Nancy Cohen, (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
By Don Gibb, (Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico)
By Rob, ( Herrington Harbour North)
By Dan Grosz, ( Marblehead, MA)
By Garth Russo, ( Lake Hartwell, S.C.)
By Paul M. Giblon, ( Westbrook CT)
By Glenn Raschick, ( Everett, Washington)
By Walt Smith, ( Middle River, Chesapeake Bay)
By John Jorgensen, ( Stockton, Missouri)
By Steve Ostrander, ( Grand Traverse Bay, MI)
By Don Gibb, ( Solomon's Island, MD)
By Iva Uhland, ( Worton Creek MD)
By J. C. Dorman, ( Clear Lake Shores, TX)
By Elana C. Muir, ( Fredericktown MD)
By Ray Paonsha, ( NEYC Cleveland Ohio)
By kennedy, Midge, ( hilton head island. SC)
By John J. Palmeri, ( North Point Marina, Winthorp Harbor,Ill.)
By Shaun Moore, ( Houston, Tx)
By Jon Petersen, ( New Bern NC)
By carl, ( Annapolis)