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Owner reviews of the Hunter 29.5

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By Sailm8, (Punta Gorda fl)
By billybee41, (Long Beach, MS)
By BobB, (Toms River, NJ)
By Travis Martin, (Clinton Lake, Lawrence, Kansas)
By Troy, (Oahu, Hawaii)
By Gerd Ottehenning, (Kerr Lake / North Carolina)
By Marcel DeschĂȘnes, (Rimouski, QuĂ©bec, Canada)
By john, (BC canada)
By Fred Firmani, (Galesville, Maryland)
By David, (Virginia Beach)
By Jim Watts, (Panama City, Florida)
By David Vidler, (North Queensland Australia)
By David Wynne, (Chesapeale Bay)
By John Sramek, (Burnt Store Marina, Punta Gorda,FL)
By Stane Bolha - Slovenia, (Croatia-Mediteran)
By Al Workman, (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
By vit chikiris, (chicago)
By Jim Saunderson, (Middle River, Md)
By warren, (Morehead City, NC)
By John Sramek, (Punta Gorda, FL)
By les hatton, (Portland)
By Bruce Leidal, (Port Sanilac - Lake Huron)
By Steve, (Newport Bch, Ca)
By michael k. fish, (miami, florida)
By Vivian Grasse, (Pueblo, Colorado)
By John, (duluth)
By marc simmons, (newburyport, mass)
By Rudy P., (Islamorada, Fl. Keys)
By Joe Greco, (L.I. NY)
By Bob, ( dallas, tx.)
By Russell Eichman, ( Bayport, MN)
By robert blank, ( nj)
By Mark and Julie Roskin, ( Herring Bay, MD)
By Ed Collins, ( City Island, NY)
By Earl Shipp, ( Kemah Texas)
By Jorge Cela, ( Kemah, Texas)
By Robert Zolczer, ( Milford, CT)
By Chris Lindsay, ( West Coast of Florida)
By Andrew C. Wilkins, ( Vallejo, CA)