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Owner reviews of the Hunter 40

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By smackdaddy, (Corpus Christi, TX)
By Doug Mac Donald, (Whitby, Ontario. Canada)
By Larry Cummins, (San Diego, Ca)
By Jim Rummonds, (San Diego)
By Don Carnes, (Kemah, Texas)
By Janet Silver, (Newport Beach Calif)
By Ted Clark, (New Bern, North Carolina)
By Jim Magruder, (Milwauki)
By Jack Buday, (San Francisco)
By Jack, (california)
By Ben Ray Brown Jr., (San Pedro, California)
By Peter Jackson, (Victoria, Vancouver Island)
By Marc Dupre, (Perth Amboy NJ)
By Tom McGovern, (Watch Hill, RI)
By Jere J. Riggs, (Solomons, Maryland)
By Jay, (chesapeake bay)
By Jay Bednarski, (chesapeake Bay)
By Neil, (sheepshead Bay, NY)
By Neil, (sheepshead Bay, NY)
By Jerry Holloway, (michigan city , indiana)
By Jerry Holloway, (michigan city , indiana)
By tom sousa, (Cortez, Florida)
By Bob Bell, (Herrington Harbor, MD)
By larry bolding, (gulf shores al)
By Jack Morgan, (????)
By Jere Riggs, (Solomons Island, MD)
By John Bednarski, (Chesapeake bay)
By Dave Longfield, (virginia)
By Tom Glew, (New Orleans)
By Phyllis Stendebach, (Houston TX)
By charles knupp, (fort lauderdale florida)
By Kit Bradley, (Chesapeake)
By Ralph Perez, (Cabrillo Marina, San Pedro, CA)
By James Taylor, ( Longport N.J.)
By Gordon Hanebutt, ( Lake Stockton, Misouri)
By Steve Joyce, ( San Francisco, CA)
By Peter Whiting, ( Alameda, CA)
By Arthur Boas, ( Toronto)
By Terrence Blake, ( Poulsbo, Washington)