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By Scallywagger, (St Andrews or Arbroath Scotland)
By Scallywagger, (St Andrews or Arbroath)
By Rich Wallace, (Sandusky, Ohio)
By Ed Johnson, (San Francisco Bay)
By Ernie Rowley, (Thornbury Ont. Canada)
By Allan Beaman, (Wilmington NC)
By Larry Clark, (West coast of Mexico and Baja)
By John Christensen, (Blaine WA)
By John Christensen, (Blaine WA)
By Sid Jarvis, (St. Thomas, USVI)
By Terry Cox, (Semi-ah-moo, WA)
By Mark Cothran, (Barbados)
By John Faro, (Key Biscayne, Florida)
By Ross Blanchard, (Sausalito, CA)
By Frederick S. Vleer, (Punta Gorda)
By Jim Harding, (Chesepeake)
By Phil Herring, ( Seattle, WA)
By Bill Sheehy, ( Everett Wa)
By Steve Hazlerig, ( Bellevue, Washington)
By Ed Tomlinson, ( Mear Marina, Annapolis, MD)
By George Burridge, ( Norfolk, Virginia)
By Chuck Vincent, ( Vermillion Bay - South Louisiana)
By James M. Trammell, ( Harve De Grace, MD)
By Chris Oldham, ( Cape Cod, MA)
By John, ( Westport MA)
By John, ( FL)
By John Pownall, ( Shotley,East Coast,England)
By Walter Lucas, ( Midland, Ontario)