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Stern Tie

posted 10-07-2008 by Terry Cox | Add this mod to a FAQ

This fish pole holder becomes very versatile. I use the quarter inch SS bolt as a locking pin for the flag and stern tie spool.

Rail Mount Fish Pole Holder

I paid a dollar for the empty plastic wire spool at a local thrift store. The white PVC mount came from Home Depot and the spool holds about 300 feet of poly braid rope.

A Bargain Set Up

A piece of teak and SS hardware for the hand crank makes spooling in the tie go fast.

Home Made Hand Crank

I tie the working end of the tie to the dink and row ashore letting it spool off as needed. I wrap the end around a log or tree and bring the working end back to the boat. After taking up any slack I secure both ends to a stern cleat, allowing enough for tidal change.

When it comes time to leave, I release the working end of the stern tie and crank in the line without going ashore. Ive used this system many times over our cruising years and it works great for these waters.

Easy Does It

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