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Mid Ship Cleat

posted 11-30-2014 by Terry Cox 11/2014 | Add this mod to a FAQ

A few years ago I ordered two ten inch SS closed cleats from Hunter Marine for $35 each just like the originals. Hunter Service said that the toe rail will support a midship cleat. In fact they added these to later models as standard equipment.

Received the cleats, used a bayonet saw to cut a section out of the vertical part of the toe rail to match the bow and stern cleat cut outs. Bolted the new cleats right into place, but did have to enlarge the existing holes a bit. It makes solo docking a breeze compared to before, which was the same as watching a one armed paper hanger.

Since I solo most of the time, as I approach the dock the side tie gate is open, the boarding step is in place with a dock line eye ready on the mid ship cleat and the fenders hung on either side of the mid ship cleat. When the boat kisses the dock I step onto the dock and secure the mid ship line first. After the boat settles down, which it will, I secure the other lines. See images of the finished project below.

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