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P42 dink mount

posted 10-07-2008 by Terry Cox | Add this mod to a FAQ

Quicksilver dink has a rubber attach point on each corner. I have a carabiner attached to each point. I also made up four hold down lines cut to length with a carabiner on each end.


I installed a shackle into the last toe rail hole port and starboard. One end of each line carabiner clips onto this shackle. The other ends clip onto the boat carabiner.

Boat attach point

The first step is to unclip the two lower line carabiners from the dink carabiners. Then unclip the upper port side line carabiner from the boat carabiner. The last step is to move the starboard upper line carabiner from the dink carabiner, move it to the dink tow ring and let the dink drop into the water.

Launch procedure

Move the two lower line carabiners from the toe rail shackle and slide it onto each stern cleat forward ear. Clip the other end of the two lower line carabiners to the dink carabiners.

Grab the starboard side of the dink life line with a boat hook and lift to a vertical position. Lift dink up onto the middel transom step. Connect each upper line carabiner to the dink carabiners. Move each lower line carabiner from the stern cleats to the shackles.

Stow procedure

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