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Review of the Hunter 310 by Steve Cook

Year built 1999  
Location of boat Lake Winnebago N.E. Wisconsin  
The boat is sailed on Lakes  
How the boat is used Weekends and longer  
Normal wind strength  
Average size of crew 2-4  
Owner bought the boat in 1999  
If the clock could be turned back, would owner buy again? Hell yeah I would!!! I bought my boat after the 1999 Strickly Sail boat show in Chicago.The dealer was going out of business and sold the boat real low.Aside from that, Hunter has the best value. My wife and I looked at  
Gear that's been added Harken main sheet traveler arch mounted, 4:1 main sheet control, Harken swivel cam cleat for the main sheet line, Garhauer 20:1 rigid boom vang, Spinnaker,Mapping GPS, ST-60 wind machine macerator, shades  
Structural or complex improvements See above  
The boat's best features The large cock pit, Swim platform,(  
Problem areas in terms of design, materials, maintenance, etc. The stock Scheafer boom vang has never worked from day one, replaced with a 20:1 rigid vang.The life lines fell apart after 2 months and needed to be completely replaced. The anti-chaff panel on the main sail was sewn in the wrong location. The VHF is way to close to the compass which causes untrue readings. and the worst was that there was no sail gate cut in the mast. I had to cut one in so I could get my main sail in the track. It was a real bear to correct. I think I got it now??No dedicated sheet winches.Hard to single hand in heavy air due to the fact that the line stoppers are so far away from the helm.The rope clutch for the main sheet had to go!!!Lack of easy access storage in the cabin.Small cabinet could be used on either side of te lower ports in the saloon.  
Sailing characterisitcs Over all she handles very well, I feel the boat is under balanced and over powered.Reef early! 1st reef goes in at 14-16 knots.The high freeboard and large sail area make her wanna heel a little too much, I don't want to say tender, I think it's more so due to the fact that I have 545 sq.ft. of sail area and displace only 8500 lbs on a 31 ft. boat.Beam reach is her best point of sail.She will by far surpass her 7.1 kt. hull speed!!! (7.8 to 8.4 knots so far)Very good ability to point very high.Down wind sucks with the B  
Motoring characterisitcs Just fantastic!!! At 2800 rpm's and 0-2 ft. seas, I see 7.2 -7.6 knots on my knot meter and on both GPS'sMid range vibrations between 2400 and 2600 rpm'ssmooths out afterwards.Wifey say's it's kinda loud down below.  
Liveability I spend almost every night on the boat during the sailing season. The large tankage is just right.I stand 6'1  
The owner's experience in dealing with Hunter (if any) Awesome!!!!!!!!My dealer lost their dealership licence before I took delievery. Hunter had to arange a lot of the commishioning issues for me. I was left with a unfishes boat and nobody to do the work.Jim Bohart Flew up to Wisconsin to arange everything for me. Greg Emerson was tasked to handle all of the logistics amd warranty issues.Greg Emerson has been just wounderful to work with. He has never kept me waitting and it seem that he is willing to go out of his to help a customer. He seems as if he really enjoys his job.If I could only tell you how many head aches I had dealing with my commishioning and the Dealer, Greg really help ease the pain.Thank God Fox River Marina is no longer in business!!!!  
The owner's experience with the boat dealer or broker, if any IT SUCKED!!!!!!!I won't drag a dead horse around anymore.All I can say is that I sure am glad Fox River Marina is closed for good.Jim Bohart to me to my face that he should Have shut down Rusty Jr. a long time ago but at least he wont be able to screw anybody else anymore!!!  
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