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Review of the Hunter 28.5 by Mark Waggoner

Year built 1987  
Location of boat Annapolis, Maryland  
The boat is sailed on Bays, sounds, or protected salt water  
How the boat is used Day sailing  
Normal wind strength 10-15 knots  
Average size of crew 2-4  
Owner bought the boat in 1996  
If the clock could be turned back, would owner buy again? Yes, it has been both reliable and forgiving. She was very well equiped when I bought her and had always been yard maintained. It is the first boat I have owned. I have sailed for over twenty years however.  
Gear that's been added Portable GPS.  
Structural or complex improvements No  
The boat's best features Roominess in the cabin, great little motor (Yanmar).  
Problem areas in terms of design, materials, maintenance, etc. Poor engine access has made it difficult to access the fuel pump and several other essentials. The swimming ladder has no mechanism or fittings for securing when in the up position.  
Sailing characterisitcs Very stable. Very comfortable up to 15 knots. Top speed running has been about 6 knots blowing about 20.  
Motoring characterisitcs Motor quite adequate. Seventeen horsepower leaves little in spare however when bucking a strong headwind. I have a resin-based CDI two blade propeller and I have much improved backing capabilities.  
Liveability I would not want to live aboard full-time, but for long weekends and occasional week-long cruises, it is really very nice. Cabin is the least confining of any boat under 30 feet that we have been on.  
The owner's experience in dealing with Hunter (if any) Very helpful. Shipped accent tape to me after I had no luck finding a match anywhere in Annapolis. The DO need a new homepage!!  
The owner's experience with the boat dealer or broker, if any Bought from a broker. Nice guy, seemed very trustworthy....but you still kind of felt like you were buying a used car. First boat I have owned, outright, and I probably could have had a much more difficult experience than I had. The broker was affiliated with a boatyard with good credentials so that made things a little less intimidating.  
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