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Bow Thuster

posted 11-15-2017 by Tipsynippertoo | Add this mod to a FAQ

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Because I am often single crew, or just because my wife wanted a bow thruster I fitted one.
As a previous owner has posted, it is possible to mount one in the fwd cabin, in between the water tank and the cabinette doors below the bed.
This shows the finished article from the outside, hull coppercoated and ready to launch.
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I was keen not to loose too much storage, so mounted the bow thruster slightly to one side so I could retain half of the cabinette.
I used the shelf from the bow thruster side to add to the port side. It is angled for shoes to go in to.
It is cheaper and more efficient to have a separate battery next to the bow thruster, rather than extend heavy battery cables from the main panel.
I have configured the switching so that the bow thruster battery can be brought on to the main ships bus for emergency, hence two switches.
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This is the scary part......cutting a big hole in the side of your boat!
The gel coat is ground away to permit the addition of a ramp in front of the tube, and a slight cut-away behind. This is in order to prevent/reduce drag caused by the back of the tube being presented to the water flow.
The preferred method of doing this is to remove material from behind, but in the 356 it is not possible to do this due to lack of access from inside the hull.
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Cutting the hole is done using a jigsaw.
Marking of the hole is done using a Shephards Crook.
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....ready for Coppercoat.
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There are two fuses mounted on the wall, one for the bowthruster, one for the battery to ships bus. (cant see them, sorry.)

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