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H26 Anchor Roller

posted 01-23-2018 by Doug J | Add this mod to a FAQ

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I love my H26 but have been wishing it had an anchor roller. Ive been envious of the anchor roller that the 260s come with. There didnt seem to be an easy way to install one on the H26.This mod was easy to do and didnt even require drilling any new holes in the boat. Its very sturdy and looks good too!
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This is an easy, fast and inexpensive solution to gain an anchor roller on the H26.
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I think the size fits nicely. I drilled 2 new holes in the roller to allow the existing u-bolt to go thru and simply used the u-bolt to fasten it down. This is a SeaLux 316 Stainless Steel Bow Anchor Roller with quick release pin.
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I know some H26s connect their head stay to the u-bolt. I had previously moved my head stay connection to the tang shown in the picture, freeing up the u-bolt. But you could just as easily use the u-bolt for the head-stay connection.

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