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1974 Hunter 25 Reworking #2

posted 10-07-2008 by | Add this mod to a FAQ

See On the way to the building!

Here she is on the way on her trailer. Now with tie down straps!! Pad stands welded and braced! All the wet garbage out and many hours spent sitting in her thinking about what to do.

See Winter home.

Here she is sitting in her winter slip. Warm and dry for all the work ahead of me.

See Hardware #1

Ive removed all the deck hardware

See hardware #2

Hatchboards, genoa tracks, spinnaker track, cleats etc.....

See Grunt work #1

ground off all the original tabbing, sanded the whole interior

See Holes

drilled all the hardware holes oversized

See More holes

all 168 of them!

See Cloth #1

Layed up 2 layers of cloth over the hullsides, using west systems for this.

See Cloth #3

layed the bow back about 6 feet or so with even more layers of cloth and epoxy. Crash bulkhead kinda thing. The small storage areas under the v-berth I built up with 3 or more extra layers of coth and epoxy.

See cloth #2

MOre cloth, and more cloth..... Building is kept about 50 degrees or so, nice for working, but the epoxy needs more to set in a reasonable amount of time. So a couple of space heaters are necessary before and after epoxy work.

See Let the glass begin!

Borrowed the wifes rotary cutter and cutting wheel from her sewing room shhhhhhhh. Cut all lengths and saller pieces I needed to overlay most of the interior.