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2011 Hunter 18

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Memphis, TN
Listed: 02-11-2019
Phone: Toll-free 901-350-22

$7,600 US

The owner bought this boat in 2015

General condition and any additional information

THIS IS A MOST UNIQUE HUNTER 18. She has a 2011 built Hull where as the rest of the gear was from the original owner is from his barely used 2007 Hunter 170.

What makes this even more unique is that the boat has been KEPT IN A BARN out of the weather thus the shine on the hull is EXCEPTIONAL.

ADDITIONALLY, where as the original hull and rig was sailed LESS than 10 times, the replacement FIBERGLASS HUNTER 18 hull that the factory sent the owner to replace the original plastic Hunter 170 hull has only been in the water 3 times. The rig and sails have only be up 13 times ! !

So basically you have a brand new Fiberglass Hunter 18 with comparable rigging that is toned down just a bit. This is because the Hunter 170 weighed in @ 478 lbs and the Hunter 18 weighs in @ 836 lbs and is a few inches wider with a chine built in at the water line to add to even more stability. The standard Hunter 18 has 170 sq feet of sail area (VERY SPORTY) and this Hunter 18 with the 170 rig has a still potent but more manageable with 150 sq feet of sail area. Bottom line , this New Looking Hunter 18 is easier to sail short handed or in windy conditions and has MUCH more STABILITY for you and your family than the Hunter 170 or than for a New from the factory Hunter 18. Except for the most avid racer this is a nifty trade out.

Note the photos that show the shine on the hull and how little use this boat has ever had and you will come to a conclusion that there would be little point in paying 16,000 to 17,000 for a new Hunter 18 when you can buy this STORED IN A BARN Hunter 18 for only a bit over 7,500.00 ! !

We are easy to get to as we are located close to the intersection or I 55 and I 40 on the southern loop of I 240 around Memphis, just one exit east of the Memphis Airport. Need to come with a 1 and 7/8 ball on your vehicle and youll be ready to go.

Happy to go through the rigging with you and get you started in your sailing aspirations. This may just be your FIRST sailboat with others to come.

And as our slogan says:


Standard features

Fiberglass 2011 hull only sailed 3 times

Harken rollerfurler on jib
Harken mainsheet ratchet block
Centerboard with cockpit controls
Kick up rudder with tiller extension

Sails and rig used only 13 times and kept in a barn out of the weather
150 sq ft of sail area
I = 18.95 ft
P = 19.42 ft
J = 5.54 ft
E = 8.37 tt
Mast height off water less than 24

Hull has Chine down low for increased stability

Includes Galvanized Trailer
Tongue Jack
Mast Stand forward
Mast support aft
Outboard bracket

Cuddy with new looking canvas cover
Cuddy includes two fabric canvas storage bags on Starboard side
Self Bailing cockpit
Open Cockpit in stern for easy in and out on trailer and in water

Extra gear included

Two fenders
Ratchet straps for securing boat to trailer

Improvements to the hull, deck, rigging, engine, or interior

Includes 2007 mast and sails that have been used for ONLY 13 Times

Tohatsu NEW LOOKING outboard
2.5 hp
Four Stroke - - uses regular gas
Less than 4 hours on outboard

Boat Kept in Barn all of its life and the Gelcote LOOKS NEW ! ! !

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