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Warren Milberg
PHRF Hunter 28.5 SD


Lake Simcoe Ontario Canada

06/16/05 at 10:56

Hunter 28.5

Hi All,

I have been working our PHRF rating in Lake Simcoe/Ontario for a while. On line I see many PHRF ratings from 210-177 for the 28.5. Does anyone out there race there 28.5 SD, and what ratings do you have. My boat is a 1884 28.5 with a 153 genoa, white sail only.

My real complaint is we race against a few Catalina 27's. We have to give them about 30/40 seconds/mile. This just does not seem to be right based on the numbers from all of our boats.

Thanks for your replys.




06/16/05 at 13:24

Hunter 28.5 number

I race on an inland lake in Ar. and my PHRF# is 186. This number accounts for up to a 155, no folding prop, no spinnaker, SD.
I beleive the Cat 27's carry less sail area than our boats.
Good luck.

Warren M.

Herrington Harbour, Ches Bay

06/16/05 at 14:11

Hunter 28.5 PHRF ratings...

... are usually given by your local rating committee, depending on how your boat is rigged and equipped. Most H28.5's with the deep keel rate around 183-184; the SD model about 5-6 seconds more. The Catalina 27's in New England tend to rate from 195-207 depending on model and mast height.

S. Sauer

Tolchester, MD

06/16/05 at 21:16

Hunter 28.5 Deep vs Shoal Draft Ratings

The Chesapeake Bay PHRF for my Deep Draft 28.5 , with folding prop and 155% Genoa and two other similar race rigged 28.5's have always been 174.
Anything in the 180's is a pure gift, probably with a 6 second credit for a roller furler, and some boats have been given an 'old age' allowance in the past years, but not the 28.5. Similar boats such as a CandC29 have 180-184 ratings. The Pearson 30 rates 174 as do many Alberg 37's. A J 24 and S2 7.9 also might be 171-174, and Catalina 27'a are 219 -231. I saw only a Hunter 31 shoal draft on the list at 183 but no shoal draft 28.5's. The newer Hunters such as the 29.5 with smaller headsails rate 204, and a newer Hunter 28 with roller furling 110 was 198.

Basically, the 28.5 deep draft with decent sails and folding prop sails to its rating because it points very well and sails very well in light air. When the wind is in the teens they all should sail to their ratings.
If you want to win with a SD28.5, add at least a decent 150% Genoa, a folding prop and plan on spending some time fairing in the bottom for light air and down wind speed, which will also help you point somewhat better, but probably 5-10 degrees less than the race rigged 28.5's, hence the rating difference.

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